Terms and conditions

Travel provider

The tour operator is Tarjeta de Viajero Centroamérica SA, San José, Costa Rica. Céd. Jur. 3-101-149-124.

Formation of the contract

The contract for the trip is concluded after receipt of the total amount before the deadline and confirmation of the trip by Tarjeta de Viajero Centroamérica SA, San José, Costa Rica. A receipt for the total amount paid will be issued in Costa Rica by the travel agency. These will be given to the tour guide by the travel agency and can be obtained from the tour guide. The legal regulations of Germany apply.

Minimum number of participants

A minimum number of 6-10 participants (depending on the season) is required for the trip. If the number of participants falls below this number, the organizer has the right to cancel the trip. Likewise, the organizer can deny the trip to participants if the maximum number of participants for the trip has already been reached. The participants will be informed about this no later than 2 weeks after the registration deadline. In case of cancellation due to not reaching the minimum number of participants or exceeding the maximum number of participants, already paid amounts will be fully refunded by the organizer. Further claims do not arise.

Duties of the participants

For travelers of German nationality, visa information is included in this document. Please refer to the foreign ministry of your country for the latest updates on travel regulations. The participant is responsible for any further visa requirements. Likewise it is incumbent on the participant to take care of health precautions, inoculations, foreign health insurance and the like. Information about this can also be found in this text.

Withdrawal from the trip

If the trip cannot be started due to unforeseen reasons, the tour operator will refund the paid tour price minus services already received (e.g. preparatory workshops) and costs already incurred (e.g. reservations).

Travel conditions USA

Special conditions apply to transit travel via the USA. An online registration must be completed prior to departure. This is possible at https://esta.cbp.dhs.gov, where the German language can also be selected for filling out the form. At the transit airport, fingerprints will be scanned, a digital portrait photo will be taken, and after another security check and the independent receipt and re-check-in of baggage, hopefully things will go smoothly. Current travel advice and travel regulations are provided by the German Foreign Office.

Travel conditions Costa Rica

A passport is required for entry into Costa Rica. A visa valid for 30-90 days will be issued at the airport of entry. When departing from an airport, a $26 fee is required and must be paid prior to check-in at the Costa Rica airport of departure. For other border crossings into Costa Rica's neighboring countries, it is worthwhile to have printed copies of the flight confirmations/airline tickets with you, otherwise you may be required to purchase an additional ticket (usually a bus ticket) to leave the country. Further and up-to-date travel and vaccination advice is provided by the German Foreign Office for German nationals.

Force Majeure

Should the trip be considerably impeded, endangered or impaired by unforeseeable force majeure (e.g. war, riots, natural disasters, etc.), both the organizer and the participant can withdraw from the trip. The regulations under 'Withdrawal from the trip' apply. If such an event occurs during the trip, the organizer's obligation for return transportation is limited to the place where the round trip started, usually San Jose Airport (SJO). Additional costs for return transportation are borne by both the organizer and the participant, half each. All other additional costs will be borne by the participant.


vLiability for damages, which are not bodily injuries, are limited to three times the travel price, as far as a damage of the traveler was caused neither intentionally nor grossly negligent and as far as it does not concern the injury of substantial contract obligations. For claims for damages regarding property damage, which have their cause in a culpably committed prohibited act, Tarjeta de Viajero Centroamérica SA is liable per customer and trip, as far as a damage was not caused intentionally or by gross negligence, up to 4.091€ or up to three times the trip price paid to Tarjeta de Viajero Centroamérica SA.

Traveling with Children

Should children be registered for the tour, we are happy to welcome them. However, participation in the trip is only possible if legal representatives agree and at least one guardian accompanies the underage participant.


The travel price does not include travel insurances (e.g. for travel cancellation costs, return transport, (foreign) health insurance, etc.). It is therefore recommended that you take out private insurance to cover these and other eventualities.

Severability clause

Should any provision of the contract be invalid, the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected. The contracting parties undertake to replace an invalid provision with a valid provision that comes as close as possible to the invalid provision.