Activities during the Costa Rica Tour

Get a climpse of the activities awaiting you in Costa Rica.

DANCE at authentic Parties

Mix with the locals and dance at the best parties. Your guide knows her way around the local dancefloors.

Party in Costa Rica


Salsa and Bachata

Livebands often entertain the dancefloors in Costa Rica. Dance Salsa and Bachata to live music!

Merengue and Reggaeton

The same is true for Merengue and Reggaeton. It's a latino country, after all!

At Workshops and Parties

Learn to dance or learn new dance figures: with the workshops during the voyage.


With Canopy - hundreds of meters of rope - high between the treetops!

Canopy in Costa Rica
- Mareike
About the Canopy tour

RIDE to Elusive Waterfalls

Take a horse to bath in hidden lakes with stunning waterfalls - right next to volcanos!

Horseback Riding in Costa Rica

Experience Nature

Bath next to Waterfalls

A lake. A waterfall. In the jungle. Your destination in Costa Rica.

Discover the Heights with Canopy

Connect to a rope and discover the forest by its treetops. And hundreds of meters of ropes.

Bath in Hot Springs

Jump into volcano powered hot springs. The mineral rich water is said be very good for the skin.

BATH in Volcano Powered Hot Springs

Relax and give your skin and muscles a spa day - at the hot springs of Bad Baldi.

Hot Springs Bad Baldi in Costa Rica
- Thomas
Sharing his experience with the Hot Springs in Bad Baldi

LEARN (more) Dances

Learn more dances and new dance figures with our dance classes during the trip

Dance Class in Costa Rica

Water Activites

Go Surfing

The Carribean and the Pacific Ocean both offer their opportunities for surfing.

Enjoy the Beach

Golden, black and white sand beaches. Sunny, endless, quiet or lively. You choose.

Go Diving

Visit Coral Reefs, fishs, sharks, turtles, manta rays and whales when diving or snorkeling in Costa Rica.

CLIMB Active Volcanos

Make it to the top and enjoy the view over active volcano craters, wonder about the moonlike structures or fauna and flora in their proximity.

View from a Volcano in Costa Rica

Go Out on an Adventure

On Rope briges

Explore the jungle, its flora and fauna on rope bridges.

On Volconos

Climb Volcanos, look into craters and enjoy the view.

In National Parks

Find rare and endagered species in the many national parks.

EXPERIENCE new things and learn new tricks

Add new skills to your skillset

Level up now

OBSERVE the enormous biodiversity

In national parks, while snorkeling - or basicly - everywhere around you!

Party in Costa Rica

Savor the Tastes

Take Cooking Classes

Take cooking-skills home and suprise your friends at home with the Carribean Cusine.

Enjoy Fresh Fruit Drinks

Mango, Manga, Pineapples, Papaya, Noni, Watermelon, Guava, Tamarindo... Yum!

Make your Own Chocolate

Visit an organic cocoa plantation and make your very own chocolate with a traditional recipe.

LEARN to Cook Creole

Take a cooking class with a Master Chef of the Creole Cuisine and make your friends at home happy with the meals you cook!

Creole Cooking Class in Costa Rica
- Maya
After the Caribbean Cooking Class

Experience Costa Rica

Hike in Rainforests and Jungles

Primary Rainforets, jungle-trails and more are at your fingertips in Costa Rica

Enjoy the Costa Rican Cuisine

Gallo Pinto, Fresh Fish or Fruit, Empanada or Tortilla. Let your tongue be your guide.

Drink Volcano Cultivated Coffee

Costa Rica has one of the highest rated coffees in the world - straight from their volcano fiels

EXPLORE Costa Rican History

Visit historic buildings and learn about colonial and indigen history of Costa Rica.

Party in Costa Rica

Be Active

Ride Horses

Up that hill, in the shadow of volcanos, up to that waterfall.


Swin in lakes, two different oceans or volcano powered hot springs.


Explore rainforets, untrottened paths, beaches and city jungles.

ENJOY magnificent sunsets

Close to the equator Costa Rica's sunsets are among the the most stunning sunsets in the World

Sunset Costa Rica

Enjoy the Culture

Native Villages

Meet the inhabitants of Villa Maleku, a native Costa Rican tribe.

Costa Rican Way of Life

Learn from the Costa Rican way of life and be kind, helpful and happy.

Colonial History

Explore the colonial history of the central-american 'Switzerland'.


Join Natalia to experience Costa Rica with all its flavours and wonders.

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