Pictures we took in Costa Rica

Discover the BEAUTY of Costa Rica.

DISCOVER Rare and Endangered Species

In one of the many fantastic National Parks and Reserves.

Sloth in Costa Rica

RUN on endless beaches

Breathe in the tranquility of long, lonely beaches, get fit or find inner peace.

Beach Running Costa Rica

CLIMB Active Volcanos

Make it to the top and enjoy the view over active volcano craters, wonder about the moonlike structures or fauna and flora in their proximity.

View from a Volcano in Costa Rica

ANCIENT - not Old

Reveal indigen history or get to know the colonial heritage.

Artefact Costa Rica


Costa Rica has them. Plenty. A Soothing experience after surfing.

Sunset with Boat and Surfer in Costa Rica


Have you ever been nose to beak with a colibri? It's possible in Costa Rica.

Colibri in Costa Rica

WILD monkeys are waiting

Costa Rica features many species of monkeys - still living wild and free in the jungle.

Wild monkeys in Costa Rica

Did we say SUNSETS?

We mean it. Enjoy them with a fresh fruit drink you find everywhere!

Red Sunset at a Costa Rican beach

Make your own Gallery

Join us in Costa Rica and take stunning photographs for your own albums!

Experience Costa Rica